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At BENDA CPR SERVICES MILWAUKEE, we take pride in providing a first class, hands on, and informative education that will equip the individual to confidently step up and save a life!

  • CONVENIENCE: we use state-of-the-art technology to provide affordable CPR training to all!
  • TRANSPARENCY: NO HIDDEN FEES! we believe that our CUSTOMER first approach has quickly placed us as one TOP
  • providers in Wisconsin

Located at: 4680 W. Bradley Rd, Brown Deer, 53223, Suite 204 A!


American Heart Association

CBRF - Medication Aide Training

Medication Aid Training for CNAs, Group Homes, Assisted Living Assistance, Personal Care Aid, Family Caregiver, etc. $150

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ACLS For Providers

Suite 204

BLS CPR Instructor Training

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Benda CPR Services Milwaukee is Proud to Information New and Traditional CPR Community That We Are Our Own Training Center.

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Compliance Feedback Manikins

Compliance feedback manikins for your CPR Class. Your order include: 2 AED, 2 babies, 2 adults, easy-to-use face shield & a carrying bag.

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Phlebotomy Service (Blood draw)

  • Flat fee: $60 for up to 3 patients
  • Only $30 for than 4 patients
  • Specimen will be dropped off at any labs of choice.
  • We do ASAP and scheduled blood-work.
  • We provide services to agencies, Homes Health, Group Homes, Offices and for Providers.

Single Adult

1 Adult Manikin

1 AED Machine

Easy-to-use face shield

$450 Order Now

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Our Address

4680 w Bradley Rd, suite 204A, brown deer, 53223

  • CPR: Saturdays 10am-11:30am
  • Medication Aid: Thursdays and Friday 10am-5pm

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I received my CPR certification from Benda CPR. The class was fun, I learned more in this class than previous class.


The Teacher was very helpful in answering my questions. I will recommend more friends to Benda CPR Services Milwaukee


One Word, Perfect! I received my ecard the Same Day and got back to Work!


Dr. Bendu is an awesome instructor. You need CPR or Phlebotomy training? I defintely recommend her service. You will be glad you do. I will definitely go back for my recertification.


Simply great instructor!


Dr. Benda is just great! She's fun to learn from. I am a nurse and she made it easy


This instructor is exciting!


The class was not only very informative and helpful but I felt like she made sure we all had a very solid understanding of material.

Ahmad Ahmad

5 stars!!! Excellent services.

Stella Nkwonta

Our Driving Force

Benda CPR Services Milwaukee

Our AHA BLS CPR FA AED Certification is 100% Approved for:

Doctors, Nurses, Schools, Healthcare professionals, construction sites, Daycare, Assisted Living, Group Homes, Dentists, Food Industries, etc. We are committed to provide you with nothing but quality.

Vision Statement: To provide an
unparallel student-centered learning where everyone can participate using
state of the art manikins to experience quality compression.

Mission Statement: We aim to provide comprehensive knowledge while presenting a through interactive, engaging class.