Benda Phlebotomy Training Services

Want to become a phlebotomy Technician and be apart of saving lives? Call us today!
    Classes starts 01/03/2022
    All Lecture Will Be Online
    All Lab and Skill Testing Will Be In Class.
    Payment Plan Is Available. Ask for Details.
    Benda CPR, Phlebotomy & EKG Training Program were founded based on passion, the need to make an impact and to contribute to society through education and skill building.  As a Policy Consultant, an Administrator and an Educator, Dr. Dawolo ensures that ALL of Benda Students are well grounded in the skill set obtained. As a result, All of our phlebotomist & EKG students upon completion of course work are able to set for the National Phlebotomy Examination through National Phlebotomy Continuing Examination (NPCE). As our partner certification Agency. Students are able to go into the job market with confidence. 
    Dr. Dawolo believes in creating a fun, yet focus learning environment for all students. As an educator, she incorporates technology, hands on learning mix with real whole experience for all of her students.  

    What to Expect

    1. First day hands on training

    2. Q & A Session

    3. Blood Draw Technique

    4. Properly completing Requisitions

    5. Proper Tubes Labeling

    6. Order of Draws

    8. Anatomy and Physiology

    7. Identifying Veins and Hard Sticks  and More


    Training Location

    3524 W National Ave Suite 201

    Milwaukee, WI 53215


     Tuition: $1500

    Payment Plan Is Available 

    Students success and passing rate are 100%!

    All students are provided with employment resources! 

    Class starts 01/03/22 (or every month)

    Call 262-278-3722

    Dr. Bendu M Dawolo - Instructor

    Hard Work Pays!
    Demonstrating Skills 
    Impacting knowledge and Skills
    Phlebotomy Training Session



    Putting knowledge and Skills into  Action! 


    Phlebotomy Class Lab In Session

    Reviewing Session 

    Lecture and Over view